About Me

Getting Here

Cait started swimming for her local swim team when she was eight years old, and entered her first triathlon at thirteen. She won her first race (Worcester Youth Triathlon) in flannel shorts and on her mother's bike. In the years that followed, she joined her high school swim and track teams, captaining both during her junior and senior years. Throughout high school Cait raced frequently, consistently winning her age-group. During her sophomore year in college she began taking her training and racing much more seriously. Cait spent the next several years competing in collegiate and ITU-format events before tearing her ACL and meniscus in 2006.

After taking the 2006 season off for knee surgery, Cait began working with QT2 and made her comeback in 2007 by winning Hyannis Half Marathon (1:26:19), Cohasset 10K (36:13), Sudbury Sprint, Mooseman Half Iron, and Timberman Sprint. She also competed in her first two Ironman events, placing 12th at Lake Placid and 14th at Florida.
To satisfy a desire to help others feel the sense of accomplishment that comes with achieving one's goals, Cait began working as a USAT-certified coach with QT2 in 2007. To this end, Cait hopes to use her years of racing and training experience, along with the QT2 training protocols, to help others achieve their athletic potential.