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Numbers 6 & 7 in the bag!

Joe, Kevin, Mike, me, Beth, Moira pre-3-mile-race.

At this point, Mike was the only one who had raced a swim longer than 2.4 miles.  We all swam well, but I, for one, had my ego handed to me by a bunch of fast-ass teenagers, including the 16 yo who went 59:12 for the win, and his 14 yo sister who took 4th in 1:03:10.  Without wetsuits.  Ho-lee  CRAP!  Just the same, we had a blast.  Beautiful venue, perfect weather, and great group of folks.

That was Saturday.  The next morning, "3 burPEAS IN A POD" took on our first ever Spartan race.  We knew going into it that we'd only done so many calisthenics; that we really had no idea what we were getting into; that we'd just have to take each obstacle as we encountered it and work as a team (allowed for non-elites), but wow!  That's a different beast!  

Before we could start, though, we had to get a team selfie:

3 burPEAS IN A POD:  Mike, mom, me  -  love Mike's look of concentration and my photo-bombing thumb.

So clean!

Then it began....

"Oh!  That's the start line!" - said by mom after throwing herself over what we thought was the first obstacle of the race, but was actually just the edge of the starting corral.  Hahaha!  YES!

We ran through mud (the ENTIRE time), jumped over walls (really, Mike threw mom & me over them before launching himself over), climbed & decended nets, carried sandbags & buckets of rocks, bouldered, flipped tires, threw spears, waded through rivers & waste-deep water, jumped over fire, and did a few burpees.  Oh - and had a GREAT time!

me, Mike, mom - sandbag carry (~1/2 mile)  

[note the condition of my previously white shoes]


Gun show during the river walk.


Coming up from under the "dunk wall"  -  ~6 inches of space between muddy water and base of wall.


Mike gave himself a large buffer on the fire jump.

Mom & I?  Not so much.  (Made it, though!)


[Winner went 46:19.  We went a little closer to 2:40:35....]


Up next:  Birkshire Brevet Double Deuce (2 x 200k) - starts tomorrow!

Thank you to everyone who has donated, Rudy Project, Betty Designs, and ASICS!  

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