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Frost Giant 10k

Ok!  Heading down to tomorrow Texas for the next "17 in 2017" event and figured I should post an update.  

Let's start with the last (#2) event - the 10k up in Estes Park a few weeks ago:

When I first signed up for this one, I thought it was a road race, just with a little less atmosphere.  The day before the race, they sent out an "updates" email which mentioned that some of it would be on somewhat snowy trails. "Ok, I can handle that. Will bring YakTrax just in case." (Email said they were allowed.)  Did a little recon warm-up Sunday morning to decide if I needed them.  Was only able to see ~4 miles of the course before I needed to head back to the start, but it seemed very manageable with what I thought was only ~2 miles over well packed snow.  WRONG.  ~1.5 miles of the course that I had not seen was covered in deep, sometimes icy, sometimes soft snow.  The kind that gives one step and doesn't the next, but all looks the same.  Ya with me?  There were sections that I straight up could NOT run.  Crashing through snow nearly up to my knees.  HA!  Aside from about 10 min during which this was the extent of my vocabulary, I think I handled it (and myself) pretty well.

And I came away with this sweetness:


That's right!  A trophy that doubles as a coaster.  Rings from your drinking glass on the table?  NOT cool.

Anywho!  Next up = Race #1 x Race #2  .....  50k!  (Get it??  (No, that is not a pattern you should expect to continue.))  

Eeeeeyup!  Cowtown 50k in Fort Worth.  Never run that far....should experience?  Hopefully one that leaves me feeling like these two loons:

(Love you Lindsay & Spinney!)

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