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I was initially planning to race Marin County Half Marathon this weekend - think it may have been the first event on the list of the 17 - but due to a "niggle", my run volume has not been such that I would feel comfortable actually racing the event.  After a little bout of frustration & self-pity, I took a look at what I can do right now, and decided it was time for a true adventure as defined by the dictionary on my Mac:

  • an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity
  • daring and exciting activity calling for enterprise and enthusiasm

Ok!  Grand Canyon it is!  I've been doing quite a bit of hiking lately in preparation for some even bigger adventures (including the Pemi Loop, Otillo Bologna, Rim Cubed, and Otillo NC) and was thinking, "Man, I really can't wait to do a BIG hike."  Then I had one of "those moments" and thought, " why wait?...."  I immediately began researching hiking the Grand Canyon.  Specifically, Rim to Rim (aka Rim2Rim, R2R, Rim Squared).  This would be hiking from one rim of the Canyon to the other, a distance of 24 miles with a cumulative elevation gain of roughly 10,550 feet (440ft/mi).  Intense.  Just what I'm looking for.  One problem - the North Rim will be closed until May 15th.  Okay....Plan B: hike 12 miles out from the South Rim and back.  This would give me the same distance with slightly less elevation gain.  But who wants to just turn around at 12 miles?  I don't.  I want a landmark.  So Plan B+: hike from the South Rim (South Kaibab trail) to Ribbon Falls and back.  Should be about 28 miles, and some elevation (done calculating, so we'll see what the total is at the end of the day).  

So that's it!  That's what I'm going to attempt do tomorrow!  I drove from Boulder, over the Rocky Mountains (SNOW STORM), and down to Flagstaff (~11.5hr), and checked in at a sweet little hostel yesterday.  Today I drove up to the GC and did a bit of recon.  Glad I did - now have a good lay of the land and sense of the climate.  Ready to go!  I'M SO EXCITED!

I'm going in there →   tomorrow!



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