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Oatmeal anyone?

Heyo!  Wanted to post a quick update on the "17 in 2017" - 1 down, 16 to go!  :-)  

Did a lovely little 5k over in Lafayette, CO on Saturday.  What better way to jump start a race season (and blow the dust off a 6-month racing hiatus) than by carb loading with oatmeal minutes before the start* (better than fettucini alfredo!), choosing a crisp 26° morning (but it's a dry cold), and toeing the line with a field far more stacked than one would expect at a local 5k offering no prize purse and NOT allowing participants (nor anyone else) to jump around in the giant, blow-up bowl of oatmeal.  Come.  ON!

I'm learning that that field is the norm around here, though - it's not a "stacked" field; just your typical "we love to play outside", everyone-is-super-fit, your-lack-of-snow-tires-(and adequate RBC count)-show-you're-not-a-local, CO crowd.  Alrighty!  Hold onto your hemoglobin!

Off the "field", things have been progressing quite well!  Nearly everyone has been super supportive of the new(ish) direction in which I'm going this year, and the fundraising is off to a blazing start.  As of this morning, all of you donors have already pooled together $1,129!  Amazing!  THANK YOU to everyone who jumped on board so quickly and either donated if you could or simply sent words of encouragement.  It's all huge - the money AND the positive vibes.  That's what it's all about - taking care of and encouraging eachother, and spreading love!

Also want to say a special thank you to Rudy Project who has always been extremely supportive of me, and has climbed onboard this adventurous project 100%.  Thank you for your open-mindedness, encouragement, and guidance!

*I did not actually do that.

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