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Oh, la pluie!

Generally, the weather here in southern France is spectacular!  It's sunny and warm and wonderful.  But, every so often, you get a little reminder to appreciate those fabulous days.  I got a good one on Sunday.  It went something like this:

  • woke up to crazy thunder, lightening, and pouring rain
  • decided to swim first (let storms pass, get swim in before pool closed)
  • left pool in sunshine, drove straight to Saint-Jeannet (to start ride/run)
  • started ride in partial sun, moderately warm temps – remained nice from S-J to base of big climb
  • cloudiness increased throughout the climb
  • dark and cloudy at summit – thought, “I’m warm enough.  If I get sprinkled on, I’ll be fine.”
  • within 30 min – steady rain, temps dropping (and descending – HR & body temp dropping)
  • ~15 min later (~2:30 into ride), weather = thunder, lightening, steady/heavy rain
  • I = FREEZING  (“Just get back to the car”, which is when I started to realize that I had over shot the ride (supposed to be 3:30) - would have been a 3:45 loop on a steady day)
  • “Just keep riding, just keep riding, you can do this Cait, just keep riding, something will come along” (said quite outloud) - promising myself that I would stop at the next store/restaurant/inhabited home that I came across and beg them to call a taxi, no matter what the cost.
  • SO COLD!!  Hands not working well, head starting to shut down.
  • wrapped in towel, fireman rubbing my arms trying to get me warm;  hot shower, random clothes from firemen, wrapped in sheet, given hot tea
  • driven back to car by fireman  (weather = alternating bright sun, can’t-see-at-all pouring (and RAINBOWS))
  • Awesome!

So, this is what it usually looks like around here:

And here is what it looked like on Sunday morning (and mid-way through my ride):

Phillipe, Cyrille, et the duex autres messieurs qui étaient à la caserne des pompiers à Coursegoules sur le dimanche matin - vous êtes mes héroes!  MERCI!!!

(Phillipe, Cyrille, and the other two gentelman that were at the firehouse in Coursegoules on Sunday afternoon - you are my heroes!  THANK YOU!!!)

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