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Via degli Dei

This summer has been BA-nanas (in the best sense of the word)!  So let's catch up a bit, starting with our trek along the Via degli Dei ("Way of the Gods") from Bologna to Florence....





7/14-15 - overnight flight from Boston to Paris

7/15-16 - night in Paris

7/16-17 - night train from Paris to Bologna

7/17-18 - night in Bologna

Day 1: Bologna to Brento

Start: Hotel Accademia;  7:15 am

Distance:  17.8 mi

Time:  8 hr 26 min

Terrain:  marble, asphalt, dirt roads, gravel, well groomed trails

Weather:  clear skies, ~65° at start, ~95° by end

First group selfie of the trek:

Mom customized her sun hat (Ye-ah puffy paint!):

The blazes we would follow for the next 5 days:

Aaaaaand this is what happens when you run out of water and have no idea how much further you have to walk:

[Me:  "Oh, gross!  Is that slime on the bottom of the pipe?!"

Mike:  .....gulp, gulp, gulp....]

Slightly dehydrated, sunscreen slathered, and done!  (for the day)


Day 2: Brento to Madonna dei Fornelli

Start: Agriturismo Ca' di Mazza;  7:38 am

Distance:  12.6 mi

Time:  6 hr 32 min

Terrain:  asphalt, dirt roads, gravel, well groomed trails

Weather:  clear skies, ~75° at start, ~95° by end

Saw quite a few old, crumbling, ivy blanketed, stone houses along the trail:

And lots of BEAUTIFUL plants:



We didn't pass through many downtown areas, but those that we did were quite friendly & encouraging:


Day 3: Madonna dei Fornelli to Monte de Fo'

Start: Hotel Musolesi;  8:20 am

Distance:  12.2 mi

Time:  6 hr 24 min

Terrain:  asphalt, dirt roads, gravel, well groomed trails, non-trail trails, ancient Roman roads!

Weather:  cloudy & clear skies, ~80° at start, ~100° by end

Our path overlapped parts of the ancient Flaminia Military Roman Road:


And then this happened....



How cool is this?

In the midst of miles and MILES of civilization devoid forest, we came upon a small cluster of houses and some spectacular outdoor artwork.


Day 4: Monte di Fo' to Campomigliaio

Start: Albergo Ristorante Gualtieri;  8:23 am

Distance:  19.3 mi

Time:  10 hr 21 min

Terrain:  asphalt, dirt roads, gravel, well groomed trails, somewhat technical sections (safety cable present), ancient Roman roads

Weather:  clear skies, ~75° at start, ~105° by end

Much of the 4th day was spent up high:

Did have a bit of descending, though, that begged the aid of the trailside cable:

This shade was crucial:


(That's a little over 102° F!)


Day 5: Campomigliaio to Florence

Start: Appartamento Mugello (AirBnB);  8:15 am

Distance:  19.1 mi

Time:  9 hr 30 min

Terrain:  asphalt, dirt roads, gravel, well groomed trails, more asphalt

Weather:  clear skies, ~75° at start, ~100° by end

At this point my camera (AKA cell phone) had ZERO "storage" left, and, honestly, I didn't mind forgetting about it and just experiencing the day.  It was an exhausting one, though!  By the time we stumbled into the piazza that marked the end of the trek, my legs were doing that "twitch whenever you stop moving" thing and my eyes were doing that "see blazes that aren't really there" thing.  I dropped like a sac of potatoes onto a bench, started giggling like a child, and high-fived mom & Mike as though we'd conquered the world ('cause that's what you'd do if you conquered the world).  Once we got ourselves together, we sought out a taxi, got into a moving vehicle for the first time in four days (were driven to dinner night 1), and savored the AC all the way across town to the AirBnB that would be our home for THREE nights straight.  Woop woop for putting down roots!

As always, thanks for reading and supporting our effort to raise funds for More Than Sport!

Coming SOON:  SwimRun Bologna Recap

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